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ver 0.1 LastUpdated [Jul 12 2003]
System requirement: MacOSX

Image preview software for JPG and GIF
Distribution is prohibited because of being alpha version
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Software Discription
This software displays JPG and GIF images contained in the same folder, moving one after another by a mouse click or SPACE/ENTER key. It's just simple and basic, has no redundant feature!

Software Setup
Setup is quite straight forward, just to follow these steps.

  • Download
  • Double click the blue link above. If you use IE, it will automatically expand the zip file.

  • Start
  • Double click the unzipped QuPreview.

  • Choose the File
  • Follow Menu - File - Open, to select the file you want. Clicking a mouse or pushing the Enter or Space key, QuPreview will display next file in the same folder.

  • July 12, 2003 Ver.0.1
  • Released the first version!

    Description of Rights
  • This software "QuPreview" is developed byITO and reserves all the rights.
  • Support for this software is conducted by Qubit
  • Redestribution is prohibited without permission by ITO.
  • QuBit and ITO do not own any responsibility for the any result originates from this software use.
  • Prime distribution site is Qubit HomePage as of October 2002.
  • Recommendations and Suggestions are welcomed by mail for QuBit
  • This software is developed by Project Builder on macosx.

  • Qubit HomePage

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