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ver 0.0.7 LastUpdated [H14/10/17]
System requirement: JDK1.3 JRE1.3 or later otherwise MacOSX

Downloading software for graphic Images and Movies
Distribution is prohibited because of being alpha version
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JRE 1.3 JRE Download Page

Software Discription
Once you input the URL, this software searches and jumps into the all the links in the pages and downloads all the JPEG, GIF, RM, RAM, MPG file he reaches.

Software Setup
You need JRE (Java Runtime Environment) or JDK (Java Developer Kit) to run this software. MacOSX has the suitable environment as a default.
Downloaded file from this HP is compressed by ZIP format.
Extract it and move to suitable folder.

  • In case of Mac OS X
  • Double click the "QuGet.jar" file, which is the result of the uncompression.

  • In case of Windows
  • If you have installed JDK or JRE, double click the "QuGet.jar".

  • In case of UNIX
  • Make sure the Java programs are properly setup.
    Extract the downloaded file as follows.
    # unzip QuGet*.zip
    Start the QuGet program as follws.
    # java -jar QuGet.jar

    It's easy! Just input the URL and press start button. If needed you can configure the directry to save files and proxy server.

  • Oct 17, 2002 Ver.0.0.7
  • Composed English Homepage

    Description of Rights
  • This software "QuGet" is developed by ITO and reserves all the rights.
  • Support for this software is conducted by Qubit
  • Redestribution is prohibited without permission by ITO.
  • QuBit and ITO do not own any responsibility for the any result originates from this software use.
  • Prime distribution site is Qubit HomePage as of October 2002.
  • Recommendations and Suggestions are welcomed by mail for QuBit
  • This software is composed by Project Builder on macosx.

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    Ito M. Masayuki Created this page on October 17, 2002.
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